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Since the saw is key to log breakdown, the Curve Catcher saw control system is a practical means of increasing production and obtaining superior quality control. This online system allows mill personnel to operate and maintain saws more efficiently and assures the highest possible production and recovery.


Curve Catcher helps maintain feed rates and assists in compensating for wood temperature, density and saw tooth sharpness. If teeth become dulled by bark, gravel or other foreign objects, the condition is detected immediately. Speed is corrected to maintain saw stability while alerting operation to the need for a saw change. Should the saw begin to dive, the system will give an alarm to prevent saw wreckage. 

Knowing the amount of deviation in the saw while in the cut provides quality control supervisors and filers valuable information. Operating and benching techniques, along with kerf reduction, can all be evaluated within the Curve Catcher system. Since the saw is protected against over-feeding, the extra incurrence of heavier gauges and larger kerfs is not needed. Every foot of lumber is protected against offset and snake, reducing saw variations and allowing for reduction of target sizes. 

The system uses a sensor, mounted to the underside of the top saw guide, to monitor and display deviation of the saw in increments of .01mm (.004 inch). Deviation and direction of movement is displayed on a bar lamp, as well as a digital reading, on the Main Control Unit. 

An alarm limit, or the amount of deviation acceptable, is easily set on the Main Control Unit, and if saw deviation exceeds the set limit, an alarm beacon is immediately activated to warn the sawyer to correct the speed. 

The basic Curve Catcher (FCC108DA) is a complete unit to monitor one saw blade. With the use of a sensor switcher kit, two sensors can be monitored on an alternating basis. This option is designed for double-cut head rigs or manual switching on twin bandsaws. 

Curve Catcher can also provide a deviation output signal with the Analog Output Unit. The unit connects easily to a Chart Recorder. 

For more information, please contact Dan Gristwood at 315-492-9316 or

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